Saturday, 23 May 2009

My Studio.6x8,Oils on Board.

I did this painting of my Studio yesterday

Morning.It`s the Shed next to where it

says Vics Studio.The brick Wall that

you can see,is our Garage.When I was

painting it,the Birds were singing away

and there were Squirrels passing my

Head only three feet away on our

Fencing.I thought I was in deep



  1. Hello Victor,
    I feel very happy for being a friend of yours.
    I first meet your works and find them very vital and true.

    P.S. Computer mistakes can not stand it the way of friendship.

    Kind regards and thank you

  2. Galina,thank you so much for being my friend.
    It means a lot to me for artists like yourself
    befriending an Amateur as myself.I`ve been painting for about 18yrs now and I don`t seem to improve.But I love painting very much so I will
    never give up,please God.If only you lived in
    England or would be a very rich Girl indeed.I`m so sorry that nobody in Bulgaria can afford to buy your paintings.But
    please God,it won`t always be like that,and you
    are so young yet.God Bless.