Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Harry and I went over to Kelsey Park again on Monday. We both did the same subject, Harry in Acrylic, and me in oils. Iv`e shown my plein air sketch, also in my Pochade. Normaly I don`t show my sketches, but this time I think it is better to show both the sketch and the painting from the sketch for which I haven`t done yet. Also i have shown the cafe that is in the park. You can get a decent meal in there. Although the Park is a fantastic well looked after park, the Toilets are not.


  1. Good morning my friend, so sorry I am late visiting your post. Just got back from visiting my daughter, and then a show. I haven't regrouped. Do hope you are feeling well.

    Love seeing your plein air sketch in the pochade, you did a lovely painting. Thank you for sharing the location and you and Harry at work.

    All the best to you,

  2. Hi Joan.
    Joan, you are a very bussy lady, so please don`t worry if you can`t get to anybodies blog, especially mine my friend. Thank you very much for your welcome comment. We had several people come up to us commenting, it was great. Another Artist came up and said to me that the subject would look great done in Watercolour. I said to her that I gathered that she paints in Watercolour, she said yes, so I suggested that she gets her gear and come and join us. She declined. Although we have been going out sketching, I have not been able to do any paintings. All the best Joan.