Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Landscape at St` Johns.6x8 oils on board.

This subject is next door to St` Johns Church.

Just five minutes from me.Again it is a subject

that I have been wanting to paint for some time

now,and I managed it on Monday morning last.

Actually I did a colour sketch or a painting if

you like to call it there, and wasn`t happy with

it, so I did another from it at Home.When I

turned up to do the painting,there were two

chaps there right where i wanted to sit and

paint.So i asked them if I would be in their

way if I sat right there,and i pointed where,

so they said no mate.After about 15minutes

one of them came up and said,oh! your an

Artist then.My head got bigger and I said

rather modestly,yes.That made my day.


  1. Hi Vic,
    I just presented you with an award :) on my blog. Congratulation

  2. Thank you Mariano my friend.Mind you I don`t
    know why I deserve an Award.But I will accept
    anything if it will help me be a better painter.
    Thank you again Mariano,and all the best.