Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Shoreham Kent.12x17 oils on Canvas board.

Shoreham kent is a lovely Village with

lots of subjects to paint,This one is

just off the main Highstreet,in a nice

quiet spot.Again I did this from a colour

sketch that I did on site.The old boy

coming up the pathway wasn`t there,

I added him afterwards.


  1. Hey Victor - It's so nice to meet you and to find your work! This piece just pulls the eye right in. It looks like a wonderful place to sketch and paint! Yes, lovely spot indeed! (And, no worries about calling me Julie, it's a great compliment!)

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Laurel.It`s
    much appreciated,especially from a great Artist
    as yourself.I`ve been painting for around 18yrs
    and am still struggling.Thank you and all the
    best to you and your family.