Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Catamaran.6x8,Oils on board

This is one half of a Catamaran at Whitstable.

There were dozens of them,but I was sitting

about Three feet away from this one painting

something else,and I fancied doing a study

of this particular half of one.I did a Sketch

as well as a photo,and I painted it at our

Art Club yesterday.


  1. Vic, I love the composition on this one. I'll be posting a thumbnail on my blog of your work. This way I can see your work just off the easel.

  2. Thank you Joan for your comment.It`s strange
    really that one of my Sons is my best and hardest critic,and if, very rarely he likes
    one of my paintings,others seem to like them
    as well,and he liked this one.Glad that you
    will be getting a daily painting from me Joan.
    It`s great when a wonderful Artist like you is
    interested in my work.Thank you again Joan,and
    all the best to all.