Thursday, 25 June 2009

Willy Lotts Cottage.9x12,Oils on board.

Willy Lotts Cottage was painted from a very old Photo

that I had taken when I lived in Colchester.I have just

decided to paint it after all this time.Where you see

the Window was my Bedroom when I was having

a weeks tuition at Golding Constable`s Mill.

Golding was Constables Father.And Willy Lott

was an Artist that was a friend of Constables and

he gave him several lessons when Constable

first started painting.It is a brilliant Area to

paint,and I have several photos of that area

to paint yet.


  1. Dear Victor, I am so happy to have found your blog. Your work is incredible. I will be returning many times.

  2. Dear Joan,thank you very much for your uplifting
    words.We all need a pat on the back now and again to keep us going eh?.I do hope that you
    will keep coming back,and thank you for being one of my followers.I shale now have a look at your Blog.All the best to you and your family.