Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tabby and ball. 6x8, oils on board

I did This little painting in between doing a larger one. It only took me 1.5 hours to do. I just wanted a break from the one that I was painting. This little chap can`t make up his mind what to do about the ball.


  1. Hi Vic, so sorry it took me awhile getting to you. I love this little Tabby and ball painting. Isn't amazing how much we can achieve in so little time. My cousin Sue just started blogging if you can visit her she will be thrilled, she is a big fan of yours. This is her blog You will find her work on my blog. Have a great day my friend.

  2. Hi Joan my friend. Thanks for your nice comment. I`m about to post a boat scene, hope you like it. Also I have just painted my sons other Cat, Oski. He reckons it is Oski thank God. Also I shale be visiting your cousin`s blog, looking forward to that. All the best Joan.