Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Willy Lotts Cottage. 12x17", oils on board.

This is the second time I have painted this scene. I love the area and can`t wait to get back there again and get painting. I have explained Willy Lotts Cottage before, but will do so again. Willy was a great Artist friend of John Constable. He gave Constable lessons in and around this Area. Willy lived in this Cottage and that is where it gets it`s name from. I also stayed in the Cottage for a week when I went there on a weeks painting course. Also I have stayed in Constables Fathers Mill. This Mill and the cottage now belongs to the National Trust and they use it to give lessons on not only Art, but most everything else. It`s a great place to stay.


  1. Hi Vic, excellent painting of Willy Lotts Cottage, he would of been proud of you my friend.
    I remember seeing a pbs show a few years back, John Stobarth, not sure of the correct spelling. But he painted the Willy Lott's cottage, great location. Have a great day.

  2. Thank you Joan. It is a great location, you would love it, especially the Village. All oldy with some thatched Cottages. A Boating area where you can Boat and pull over for tea and cakes. Can`t wait to get back there. believe it or not, When I lived in Colchester, many a time I went out to that area to breakdowns of P/O Vehicles, It was brilliant them days. All the best Joan.