Thursday, 15 September 2011

At Brasted. 9x12, oils on board.

This is at a Village called Brasted in Kent. Harry is painting a church, also standing by a Litch Gate. Me painting my subject which you can see in front of me, and the painting itself. I did another painting but didn`t complete it but will do shortly, I hope.


  1. Lovely piece Vic and it looks like a lovely place to paint too. I like how you achieve a nice warm sky as it reaches the horizon. I love to see old churches that have gates but I didn't know they were called Litch Gates. All the best my friend, Michael.

  2. Hi Michael.
    Glad you like it mate. It is a lovely Area to paint. I found at least three subjects I wanted to paint, but I only had one board, so I split it in half ( A line through the centre ) and did the one I have posted and started another for which I will complete later. The car park we were standing in became full up due to a Funeral, so we packed up. Thanks for your comment Michael. I will now check your blog out mate. All the best Michael