Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Small Sailing Barge at Lee-On-Sea. Coach outing with the club. The
last one this year. Roll on next Year.


  1. Hello my friend, this is a lovely painting. I always enjoy your sailing barge paintings. So it is your last outing for the year. The summer has gone by so quickly and now we are faced with shorter days and colder weather. So it is back to the studio and I am looking forward to your next painting from your studio. Have a great day.


  2. This is SO nice Vic! I love the dark sailing barge and the light background that makes it pop! Beautiful work!!!

  3. Hi Joan my friend.
    Glad you like it. I`m not sure though. Yes, it is the last this year. Roll on next year. Also it is the last wednesday outing with the club. So sad. Mind you, if the weather holds, Harry and I will go out. All the best Joan.