Tuesday, 14 October 2014

         Hay Bale`s and Tree.


  1. Love hay bales, I am sure they are not easy to paint. You did a splendid job. Glad to hear you and Harry will continue to go out on your own. Sometimes it's just me and my friend Sue. Enjoy your outings and make sure you bundle up or just stay in the studio.

    All the best to you and Rosemary

  2. Beautiful scene, Vic! Love paintings with hay bales... and the background is painted so nice!!! Somehow my comment on your last painting didn't post so I have to tell you that I loved your Small Sailing Barge ... excellent piece!

  3. Hi Hikda my friend.
    Thank you very much for your nice comment. I`m afreaid i am not happy with it. There seems to be no colour in it. I don`t know why. One of those things I reckon. All the best Hilda.

  4. Hi my friend Joan.
    I know you have posted a comment here, but i lost it somehow. Sorry Joan. Thank you very much for your comment. As I said to Hilda, I`m not all that keen on it, i shouldn`t really have posted it. All the best Joan.