Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fishing Boat at Whitstable.9x12,Oils on Board.

I did a 6x8 plein Air at Whitstable on Sunday

last.then at Home I did this 9x12 oils from it.

I went with a few Artist friends to this place,

and we were spoilt for subjects.I did three

6x8 there and I will be doing one of the others

next.It was so Hot that my left Arm got

very red,more so than the Right Arm,my

Painting one.Peculier I thought.Brilliant

painting weather though.


  1. Hi Vic,
    nice one, i can feel the boat going up and down with the prevailing tide. Very nice , I hope you decide to paint the other 2.

  2. Hi Mariano my friend.Thank you for your lovely
    comment.I know you love Boat scapes,I like them
    too.I have another to post either today or tomorrow.It`s one that I did Plein Air at
    Whitstable but at Home i added two figures.
    I felt it needed something in that spot.
    Talk later mariano.