Thursday, 22 April 2010

Packhorse Bridge 4. 12x17", Oils on board.

This will probably be the last Packhorse Bridge painting. Actually it is the same bridge as bridge 3, but much more included,also it is at a different angle to 3. Now I would like to ask anybody that is interested, to tell me whether I should add Figures to it, or leave well alone. Please give me your opinion, thank you.


  1. Hi Vic,

    I think this my favorite of your Packhorse Bridge series. I love the different angle. I would agree with you son on this one. Don't include a figure. It becomes everyone's imaginary place to visit. It's brilliant my friend. All the best to you.


  2. Thank you very much Joan for your lovely comment. My Son will be pleased with your reply. He said that he could actually climb the hill. And he never likes people in a landscape either. Thank you again my friend. I can always rely on your support. All the best Joan.

  3. I like this the best too. I was also very impressed by your painting the same landscape as John Constable. Wow, so inspiring. Also wanted to tell you I was once in Cumbria, visiting a friend at the quaker meeting house. It is a lovely lovely place. nancy

  4. Hi Nancy.
    Thank you very much for your nice comment. These bridges are situated in the Lake District. It is a fantastic area for Artist`s, and it is amazing how many people go there for their holidays. Also, Constable country is as you know in Suffolk, and Dedham is where Constable's Father had his Mill. Willy Lotts Cottage is where I stayed years ago for a painting Holiday. Thank you again Nancy, and all the best.