Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday 8th sketches

Monday 8th Sketches.


  1. Love your sketches..especially the man on the left sitting down with some papers...nicely done,Vic!!! Wonderful practice before a painting.

  2. Hi Hilda.
    I`m glad that you like it my friend. Thank you for your nice comment. yes Hilda, it is a very good way of learning to draw. I have started life classes now, and it is brilliant. All the best Hilda.

  3. Hi Vic,

    I take it you are still having problems getting posts on...a test one today didn't show up! Check your Settings, but I expect you have, many times!!

  4. Thanks for trying to help Ann. I did try a test today and it seems to be okay now. It was to do with the size
    of the post`s that was coming up. All fixed now. You didn`t actually comment on the drawings, but I will take it to be a positive one. Thank you Ann and all the best.

    1. Hi Vic, thought I would add this for you..thanks for stopping by my Sketching William blog:

      I got the Rotring from Cult Pens:

      Very well priced I think and they were very efficient, I did the phone and confirm details and got it the next day! (mind you, it did only have to come a few miles up the road from Tiverton!)

  5. Hi Vic,
    Yes I love these sketches, they are getting more intricate, also love the man sitting and reading.
    Oh, how wonderful you have started a life drawing class, are they long or short poses.

    All the best to you,

  6. Hi Joan.
    I`m glad that you like the sketches. I really do enjoy doing them. The Life class last`s for two hours, and the Model makes three poses, one sitting, one standing and another stretched out on a Cane Chair. She seemed to pose forever, fantastic. It took me back 30 years when I first went to life classes. I took a friend of mine there once, and when he noticed the nude model standing there, he shot back outside. i couldn`t stop laughing. All the best my friend.
    Vic .

  7. Hi Ann.
    Thank you for informing me where you got the Pencil. I have managed to order one now thanks. All the best Ann.

  8. Nice idea to post these sketches. They kind of show a transition of time in a way that single works don't. Nice work!

  9. Hi Mary.
    Better late than never eh? Sorry that I am late in answering your comment. Thank you mary for your nice comment Mary. All the best Vic.