Saturday, 6 July 2013


Walkers at Ithham Mote.


  1. This is beautifully painted, Vic!!! Are these two people from your sketches? Love the colors!!!

  2. Hi Hilda.
    No, these two hikers passed us while we were sketching, and I quickly took a photo of them. Also I took photos of several others as well. Thank you for your nice comment my friend. All the best Hilda.

  3. Good morning my friend, thank you for your email and wake up call, for me to get back to blogging. I have missed so many of your post. So let me say, this is exactly what is so special about your painting. You have it all, the splendor of the quaint cottages, foliage and people. Oh Vic, I just love your work. Well done. Now I must go enjoy the rest of your post.

  4. Hi Joan.
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment my friend.
    This painting is in the same area as my oast house painting. I did explain that these oast`s houses are for drying the hops. We always went to pick hops every year. All the family went because it was a Holiday as well as earning some money. My job was to go each morning to collect the milk. Mum always gave me a much larger jug to collect it in because I always drank half of it before i got back, i was only four at the time. all the best Joan.