Monday, 4 January 2010

Bills House. 10x12, Oils on board.

This House is as it is called,Bills House.
An American friend of mine sent me some
Photos of his House after 25" of snow fell.
I really fancied doing a painting of this
particular shot. Bill gave me permission
to do so and to post it on my blog. He
likes it and I hope my blogger friends
do also.


  1. Hi Vic, I love the way you captured the depth and texture of the snow. We also got got 25inches as well. Another excellent painting my friend. Your friend must be very pleased with this painting.

  2. Thank you my friend. To depict snow, one would have thought that just to leave the white of the canvas, but oh! no. we know different don`t we Joan? Thanks again my friend. All the best.

  3. Hi Vic,
    nice painting of Bill house, I am glad you found a worm place to paint so much cold snow! A tongue twister.Bill must be a strong man to shovel all that snow. He has a nice home. Well done Vic, happy painting

  4. Thanks Mariano. I`m glad you like it my friend. I do like snow scenes but they are not easy to depict are they? All the best Mariano.