Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Seven Sisters. 10x12. Oils on board.

Seven Sisters are the cliffs in this painting, and it gets it`s name because there are seven Cliffs. In this position You can`t see the separations, but further to your right about half a mile you can see them. The two cottages origionally belonged to the Coastguard, but now I think are private residences.


  1. Oh Vic how wonderful.There is so much I love about this painting, the sky for one and the composition is great. It couldn't have been easy to paint this one or the previous painting. Both are excellent.
    Another lesson learned from you my friend, it isn't about how many paintings we post, it's the quality. Once again, thank you for sharing.


  2. Thank you Joan. I didn`t enjoy painting it as much as the other one. I do like painting Bridges and Cottages, especially in and around Shoreham area. As soon as the weather changes for the better, I shale be there to paint some more of that lovely area. I liked your latest painting Joan. It was certainly a better painting than the first, more light and colour to it. I`ve left a comment on it. All the best my friend.