Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Rainbow Bay 2. 24"x19.5",Oils on board.

This is from the Sketch that I posted yesterday.

Rainbow bay is in New South Wales Australia.

A friends sister who lives there sent some

photos of this area, and I wanted to paint them.

It must be a beautiful place, and lovely to live

there. This painting will be the last of

Rainbow Bay. I`m going to a place called

Rye on Sunday with our Art club,and hope

to do a couple of the local scenes. Also take

some photos for other paintings.


  1. Great job Vic, it's lovely. I love the blues and the coolness of the bay. Enjoy your trip with your art club, come back with lots to paint.

  2. Thank you Joan. That`s the lot of Rainbow Bay.
    I did a painting sitting in our garden yesterday. It`s of our Birdbath and some Flowers. I had`to complete it in my studio
    though, because it poured down. All the best