Thursday, 25 November 2010

Street Lamp at farnborough. 9x12 oils on board.

This is another scene at farnborough. I`s on the path to the church. You can see a bit of the church in the background. The actual scene is more tempting than the painting seems. I think no Artist could resist painting it.


  1. Hi Vic,

    You are an amazing artist my friend. I love the different shades of green. The street lamp stands out as the main attraction. I love the colors in your sky and the building's complimentary color of the roof all adds to a BRILLIANT painting.

    All the best to you

  2. Hi Vic,
    very nice composition

  3. Thank you my friend. I haven`t seen any new postings of yours lately. I will check again shortly. All the best Mariano.

  4. Hi Joan.
    I can always rely on you to give me a good comment, thank you my friend. I did a couple of small boat paintings yesterday. They were from one photograph, and I made two compositions out of it. They took me about an hour each. I just felt like doing them. Quickies as we call them.
    All the best Joan.