Thursday, 18 August 2011

No Fish in there, Shoreham Bridge. 9x12, oils on Board.

No Fish in there was painted right at the foot of the bridge. We were standing ( Note the standing bit Michael) on a small area where four local residents pay £30 a year to park their cars there. We were praying that none of them wanted to park there. One of them came out and chatted to us for around 15min, I couldn`t get on with my painting.
I meant to post some photos with this, but I will upload them after.


  1. What an idylic scene Vic, and beautifully painted too. I like the way you do walls and stonework like in the bridge on this one and in the house in your last one. So you were standing this time then - chuckle! Lucky the owners of the parking places didn't show up, that could have been embarassing for you and Harry! Regards, Michael.

  2. Hi Michael.
    Thanks for your nice comment mate. It is a lovely place for an Artist to paint, plenty of subjects.
    I have been going there to paint and to have a meal for over 30yrs now, and still want to go there. We went out Wednesday to paint a Windmill,
    that turned out a lovely day also. Thanks again Michael and all the best.

  3. Hi Vic,
    I like the different planes you have in this oil, very nicely done, and like the picture of you painting, it is like you belong there. Beside is nice to see somebody doing what he like best. Happy painting

  4. Hi Mariano.
    Glad you like it Mariano. yes, it is nice to see other Artist`s do their paintings, it really adds interest to the posting eh? All the best Mariano.