Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cherry Tree farm. 12x17, Oils on board.

I painted this farm some time ago, and did

it from a Sketch. I was with a friend who

has since past away. He was a fantastic

Watercolourist and Draughtsman. We

at our Art club surely miss him.


  1. Hi Vic, this painting is lovely it has the charm of an English landscape that I have only seen in books and movies. It is said when we loose a fellow artist and friend. A woman artist in our art club passed away. I only spent one day with her at an art show, but she was so kind and very talented. She will be missed.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of you work. Have a great day.

    Your friend

  2. What a lovely comment from you Joan,thank you very much. It`s so sad for that lady had`to die.
    The ones that pass away always seem to be lovely and kind people eh? I did read somewhere that God so loved a particular person that he wanted them with him. I don`t really go along with that do you? I`m about to check on your Blog to see if there is anything new. All the best Joan and thank you again.
    Your friend Vic.