Monday, 31 August 2009

Mannon at Pin Mill. 12x17, Oils on board.

This painting I did some time ago now,I painted

it for a friend. I had done a sketch of it, also the

usual photograph, incase. It was a day out with

the club Plein air`ing. It was a great successful

day. We also had lunch in a lovely Pub come

restaurant. This is the only time my Wife

Rosemary came with me.


  1. really lovely, Vic. I wish we lived nearer to the ocean. I am drawn to the marine paintings.

  2. Hi Nancy. Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for
    your comment. Yes, the Marine areas are great.
    I live near the Thames estuary. That is where
    that wonderful group of Artist`s paint. They meet every Wednesday to paint along the Thames.
    They are called "The Wapping Group of Artist`s".
    Nancy, every day I go to your Blog to see the latest painting, but you haven`t posted for some
    time now. Any particular reason? All the best

  3. Vic, this one is definetly a master level painting. When I noticed this painting on my blog,I actualy thought it was a photo from one of the masters. Vic, next time you go out painting, take Rosemary with you. You do great work on your own, but this one. WOW. Al the best to you and Rosemary.


  4. Thank you very much Joan for that lovely comment. Master level painter, that I`m not i`m
    afraid my friend, but what a pat on the back from you,thank you again. The problem with taking Rosemary with me Joan is that I can`t really concentrate. Although i did a colour
    sketch of the subject, I did the completed painting at Home. Joan, you haven`t posted for
    a few days, come on now. All the best.

  5. Hi Laurel. Thank you very much for your fabulous
    comment. I`m really thankful for all you fine
    Artist`s comments. It helps a lot, thank you all. and all the best Laurel.

  6. Wonderful work!
    Great job of setting the foreground apart with one large irregular shape- on both these last two paintings.
    The boats have a nostalgic feel...

  7. Thank you very much Jill. As I have said before,
    It`s a real boost to me to have good comments from all you btilliant Artist`s. I have left a comment on your last posting, brilliant painting. All the best Jill.

  8. The muted colours are beautiful here Vic. It really is a classic looking painting, almost like an old master.

  9. Thank you very much Sheila. Much appreciated.
    Almost like an Old master you say, the only
    connection I have with the Old masters is the old bit I`m afraid. Thank you again Sheila, and
    all the best.