Monday, 28 September 2009

My Studio Easel

I thought I would show all those that are interested in my new Studio easel that my lovely Wife Rosemary bought me for my up and coming special Birthday.


  1. That is really a nice easel Vic, thank you for showing us ... and happy birthday

  2. Well CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming birthday... whichever it is... any birthday is a good one.

    Sounds like you have a special wife who knows you well, too. Even better.

  3. Thank you very much Marien for your Congratulations on my birthday. I said it is a special one and it is. I shale be 80yrs, and still going strong. As long as I have my wife,
    and my painting, I am very happy. Thank you again Marien. All the best.

  4. Thank you Mariano for your congatulations.
    At the moment I am looking to see how I can
    put a link on my Blog for you. No success yet.
    But I already have you as one of my followers.
    I have Googles information on how to create a
    link, but at the moment it is all double dutch
    to me. All the best my friend.

  5. Vic, what a wonderful easel, I haven't seen that model in the states. All the best on your up and coming birthday.

    As for the links, Vic, go to layout, then click on Gadgets. You will get various options, like links, followers etc. But if you want to add a blog go to the Blogg list, click on that. Then you will have to type in the http:// and the blog you are listing, click on save and it should work. It may not. I get very confused with all this. Maybe Mariano can help you.

    Have a very Happy Birthday.


  6. Happy Birthday, Vic!!! Hope you enjoy many happy hours at your new easel. Your wife sounds lovely.

  7. Janelle, Thank you very much for your birthday
    wishes for me. It is very nice of you. I can`t wait to get to my Easel each day now. My wife
    Rosemary is a lovely person, and I thank you for
    that compliment to her. I shale tell her when she gets back from a day at the Nurseries with
    her friend, she will be over the moon. Thank you
    again Janelle, and all the best.

  8. Hi Joan.
    Thank you very much for that information re` the
    link. I will try it later on today ( After I have done some painting ). Also, thank you for your birthday wishes for me. If you are interested in purchasing that model easel, I will give you the details for it. let me know Joan. You say you get very confused with all that needs to be done on our blogs, well, that can`t be half as much as I get confused. Thanks again Joan, and all the best my friend.

  9. Looks like a wonderful, sturdy easel.... your wife has good taste!

    A Very Happy Birthday to you! You're obviously young at heart and enjoying life... which is more than can be said for most people... Good For You!

  10. Thank you again Teresa. It is a lovely easel.
    And as you say, it is a very sturdy one. With my old table easel ( You can see it by the side
    with a Monet print on it ) I really had`to stand up, but now I have got a lovely tallish Stool that I sit on, it`s great. All the best

  11. I always enjoy a studio tour...
    seeing the tools of the trade!
    Did you acquire any painting knives yet??
    Perhaps some one gave you some birthday money!?
    Hope you had a Happy One!
    Paint On~~~~
    My good painting buddy, Vada, is still going strong at 85!

  12. Hi Jill. Yes I did get some painting Knives,
    six all told, different shapes of course.
    I did my first painting with them the other day.
    And it was completely Knives only. If you look
    at my last posting, you will see the result.
    Silver Birches 2 is the title. Glad there is somee Artist`s out there that is older than me
    and still going strong. theres hope for me yet. All the best Jill.