Saturday, 26 September 2009

Silver Birches. 6x8, Oils on board.

I went out and did this painting yesterday morning. It was a fantastic day for painting plein air. I only had an hour or so to do this, but I managed it in that time.
Where I was sitting with my little 6x8 Pochade, there is a pond, one of three in that area, and there were a lot of chaps fishing. I took some photos of some of them and will probably do some paintings of them, after cropping and the rest as one does.


  1. Vic, how wonderful. I love your composition as well as the impressionistic quality of this plein air. Have a great weekend.


  2. Thank you Joan for that lovely comment. It was a really fantastic feeling doing this one. Although there were a few Fishermen, there were
    just a couple of people that went by me, and they didn`t disturb me at all, Perhaps they didn`t like the painting that I was doing eh?. Thanks again Joan. Have a nice Sunday. All the best.

  3. This has such a soft, restful look to it.

    Good job, Vic!

  4. Thank you Teresa. It was a lovely day to be out
    painting as well. Teresa, have you done any painting lately? I haven`t noticed any on your
    Blog. Come on now Teresa, get cracking. All the best.