Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Coming in to dock. 12x17, oils on board.

Coming in to dock was painted some time ago.
I swapped it with my friend Mariano for one of
his paintings. Great Idea of his. I`m glad he
suggested it.


  1. Vic, I do hope you enter this one in Alex's spring competition. You are amazing my friend.
    You inspire me. All the best.


  2. Hi Joan. Thank you yet again for that lovely comment. You certainly keep me going my friend.
    Now the problem with your suggestion about entering that painting for the spring copetition is that it belongs to Mariano. Even if he gives me permission, would it be allowed?
    I managed to do a bit more to a painting that I started almost a week ago, before the electricion started. I`m pleased with it up`to yet. Thanks again my friend, and all the best.