Monday, 7 December 2009

Thirties Phone. Drawing

I spent an hour on this Drawing last Friday, then completed it this morning. I do these drawings as an exercise and find them very helpful.


  1. Hi Vic,
    nice exercise, where did you find that telephone? or was it from memory. I had one of those telephone as a young boy growing up in Genoa Italy,it was hanging from a wall and i considered a miracle; today everibody has a small cellular just in their pocket. Progress i guess!

  2. Hi Mariano. I drew it from the actual phone. We
    have one in our hallway. It`s linked to the other phones so they all ring together. Glad you like the drawing my friend. Thanks for your
    comment. All the best Mariano.

  3. Hi Vic, my husband never throws anything out, I see you treasure the old as well. I love the drawing of the phone. You not only can paint but you can draw. Start another blog with just your drawings. I just created a blog of just watercolors. I think I must be getting carried away with all this blogging. But I gotta say this, it keeps me working everyday. Sorry I am so chatty my friend.

    Great job

  4. Joan thank you once again for your lovely comment. I don`t think I can cope with another Blog I`m afraid. I can`t seem to do a painting
    every day now. Please Joan, don`t stop chatting
    my friend. I love our chat`s. Rosemarie`s Father gave us this phone just before he died. He was a lovely Man. Thank you again my friend, and all the best.
    P.S. Please tell your Husband to keep collecting things, you never know.