Monday, 24 May 2010

The Cricket Match. 9x12, oils on board.

I don`t know a thing about Cricket, so the players might be out of position. Apologies to Cricket lovers.


  1. Vic, it's wonderful. I love the composition, the players on field, the audience and especially the umbrellas. You are a great painter my friend.

    All the best to you. Please enter this one in a show. It's an award winner.


  2. Joan, what can I say but thank you, Thank you, and thank you for your brilliant comment on the Cricket Match. You couldn`t get a better comment than that my friend. I`m about to start another yacht racing painting, wish me luck will you? All the best Joan.

  3. Hi Vic,

    I agree with Joan, great composition, very interesting perspective. I can feel the movement of the players on the field and those wonderful umbrellas! Excellent!

  4. Hello Victor
    Like Joan said previously, "This ones an award winner".
    I love the impressionistic feel of this.
    The position of players and umberella is masterly.
    Best Regards

  5. It's an engaging painting. I really like the colors and composition. Also brings back some old memories.... been a long time since I've seen a cricket match!

    P.S. Just solved the problem of not being able to comment on your site! Phew!

  6. Hi Teresa.
    It`s lovely to hear from you. I`m glad that you have solved that problem. Thank you for your comment. I haven`t checked lately whether you have painted anymore Murals, I will check soon. All the best Teresa.

  7. HI again Vic!... Love the jolly colours and the active figure composition that "You" have put into place here! Very effective!

    One has the immediate feeling that one is in the crowd as a participant!

    An excellent piece!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  8. Hi Bruce.
    Thank you again for your lovely comment. It`s a reall compliment coming from such a fine Artist as yourself. Thank you and all the best.