Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sketch for Australian Scene.6x8,Oils on board.

This is a Sketch for a larger Painting.I felt I

needed to sort the Painting out before I did

the larger one.I did this Sketch the day before

yesterday,and did the Painting a 24"x 20"

yesterday and today.I will post the completed

painting tomorrow,I hope.


  1. Great job Vic, can't wait to see the larger one. You are now on my blog. This painting just popped up. Love the colors and especially the people on the beach, a nice touch.

  2. Thanks again Joan.My head is getting bigger and
    bigger with your lovely cmments.I`ve just got to
    alter something on the larger one and that will
    be it,don`t keep fussing on the painting and
    leave well alone, as one of our great Art Teachers Alwyn Crawshaw always said.All the best.

  3. Hi Vic,
    That was the nicest sketch if i ever saw one! It really stands out on his own merit . It is very fresh with a great feeling for light and it looks as done in plain air!!!!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment Mariano.I also
    had one from another Artist that I have made
    friends with.You can see her comment at the top.
    All the best my friend.