Friday, 7 August 2009

Dungeness. 9x12 Oils on board.

Dungeness really looks like this. It looks

vast and open. We couldn`t find anyway

down to the Boats strangely enough.

Every tiny Road that looked as if it

would take us to them was barred

by a gate of some sorts. The funny

thing is that we split up after our

first painting. Two of us went further

up and the other three stayed for a

while but made arrangements to

meet up later. but doing that is

fatal. We lost each other and when

we got Home we found that the

other three went through the

gate and got locked in. HA!HA!.


  1. Funny story, what an adventure. The trials and tribulation of plein air painting, but it's all worth it. Another lovely painting.

  2. Just received your comment re` Dungeness Joan.
    Also I have just answered your comment re`
    the Lighthouse and I thank you . I have just discovered another Blog Artist that I think I
    could have got from your Blog. Please take a look at her work will you Joan? Her name is
    Sheila Vaughan. and take a look at her latest
    painting-"The Meal" ,I think it is fantastic.
    All the best.
    P.S. Sheila is only the second English Artist
    that I have come across. 90% are American. I thought I would let you have that silly statistic.