Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rosemary.9x12, Oils on board.

There is no way that I could paint my wife

Rosemary while she posed for me, She will

not keep still for one second, so this is done

from a photograph, even then I only managed

this because she happened to look up.


  1. Hi Vic, sorry I got here so late. Your wife looks lovely. She must be very proud of you. I love the technique you used, I don't her but, I think you captured her, she looks very nice.

    Vic, have you ever thought of joining facebook. Your work should be out there, and you get to meet other artist.

  2. Hi Joan. Thank you so much again for your lovely
    comment. I`m afraid that I did make her a bit hard looking. She has a softer face and a heart
    to go with it. I don`t know anything about
    Facebook Joan. What is it an how does it work?
    I already talk to and meet other Artist`s on our Blogs. Is there any difference? Thank you again my friend, and all the best. Vic.
    P.S. I shale be going to another Seaport tomorrow to do some Plein Air, wish me luck.

  3. Hi Vic, about Facebook. It's can be used to connect with other artist and friends. It's a great way to show your work, it reaches a vast amount of people all over the world. I have met very famous artist that have appeared in the The Artist magazine. If you do join, you can connect with me and you will be able to connect with the artist that I connected with. Another one is Art Wanted.com, if you would like to sell your work this site will assist with the sales. Just be careful do not let the computer time interfer with your art time. Good luck.

    Your friend Joan

  4. Vic,
    I like the painting of your wife too. It is not easy to get the exact look one sees, but we have to keep trying. It gets better as we paint more, but I never quite get it the way I see in my mind. Often though later I will look at it again and really like what I did. n

  5. Hi Nancy. Nice to hear from you. Thank you for
    your lovely comment. You can just about see that it is Rosemary, although like you, I would
    have liked to have done a better job of it. I think that I have only secceeded in getting a true likeness of someone, and those times I have
    been at the top of the world. I love receiving your daily paintings Nancy, please keep them
    coming. All the best.