Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I drew a little Robin and then decided to do

a painting from it. And Robin 4, is the result.


  1. Oh, I remember the lovely little English robins! The U.S. robin is huge compared to its little English cousin.

    I keep looking at your impressionist style paintings... I'm working on commission in wc and cp... but after looking at these I'm having to fight the urge to pull those yummy, buttery oil paints out!

  2. Hi Teresa.
    Glad you still remember the lovely little Robin.
    I pesonally think they are my favourites among
    the birds. There`s these tiny ones and the big fat ones. I did one of the fat ones and he was
    a baby, and he looked so comical I thought I had
    better not post it. Thanks for your comment
    Teresa, and all the best.

  3. lovely vic
    you caught those colors so well
    they give so much joy this time of year singing away

  4. Good morning Vic,

    I love both your pencil drawing and painting of this little Robin. Vic you are truly versatile in subject matter and mediums you use. It's always an inspiration visiting your site. Well done my friend.


  5. Thank you very much Rob. I always look in on
    your blog, and find your paintings so fresh
    as if you are still out there painting them.
    I pick out a special one and then comment, otherwise, I would be commenting on your blog
    all day. Thanks again Rob, and all the best.

  6. Joan, That was a lovely comment fromj you. I
    inspire you? well, that has made my day. Thank
    you so much my friend. Did you get my comment on
    your last posting? That was one lovely painting.
    All the best Joan.