Saturday, 5 September 2009

Thames Barge 2. 9x12, Oils on board.

This is a Thames barge on the Norfolk Broads.

I think this painting is the most impressionistic

one that I have done, and I`m pleased with it.

This area is a very flat and open place. Hence,

there isn`t anything else in sight.


  1. Yes, the style is definitely more impressionistic. What I like most about it though is the way you have allowed the shape of the sail to cut through the middle of the painting. To me that is superbly successful and demonstrates that after all painting is mainly about shape, form and colour - and courage!

  2. Hi Sheila. Thank you again for your lovely comment. The Thames Barge is a great Boat to
    paint. When I paint them, Strangely enough, I
    feel the oldness in them. All the best Sheila.

  3. Thank you Jill. It is one of the smaller Thames Barges, and they are lovely to paint.
    All the best Jill.