Sunday, 4 October 2009

Oasts at Chiddingstone, Kent. 12x17 oils on board.

Oasts at Chiddingstone was painted some time ago. It is a lovely oldie England area that I have been to several times. Oasts, in case some of you don`t know, are for drying hops before making the beer from them. I don`t know the technicalities -
only that they dry the hops,sorry.


  1. Hi Vic,
    very nice painting, and with a nice story to boot. I don't know the technicalities of the hops, but i like the beer. Chidingstone is a nice place, and i like the gravel on the road one can imagine the horses and carriages.

  2. Hi Mariano.
    Thank you my friend for you nice comment. It is
    a lovely area to paint. I`ve done several
    paintings there, by myself and with our club.
    Hope everybody is fine. I`m off to bed now, 10.20pm. Talk later Mariano, and all the best.

  3. Hi Vic, this is such a wonderful painting, depicting your country. There is such charm in the landscape and country roads. Once again you have done a wonderful job capturing this lovely place.

    Happy Painting!

  4. Hi Joan.
    Thank you for that nice comment, I really appreciate it. I was going to go out painting
    this morning but it is raining. I know some artist`s wouldn`t let that stop them, and I would say to them, good luck. When I did the
    Oast`s, it was a brilliant day, not too hot,
    not too cold. Thanks again Joan and all the best
    my friend.

  5. Lovely, Victor, and very inviting. I really like your colors in this one and the light feels gentle and warm.

  6. Thank you very much Linny. Glad you like the colours, at one time I did struggle with colour,
    still do sometimes. All the best Linny.

  7. I love this! I think this is the same village I did in watercolor a few years back... but I'm afraid I didn't represent the village as well as you did here!

  8. Hi Teresa. Thank you for your comment. You will
    remember that this Village, Chiddingstone, Is a
    painters paradise. I haven`t been there for a while but itching to go again. All the best Teresa.