Monday, 19 October 2009

Sansego. "17.5"x14" Oils on stretched Canvas.

This painting is from a photo that my friend Mariano sent me, and gave me permission to use it. He did his version of it, and if you look at his version ( you can click on his blog from my Blog ), it will prove without any doubt that no two Artist`s will paint the same subject anywhere near like one another.

I have been off the air for a whole week because I had lost my broadband connection. It was fixed this afternoon.


  1. Hi Vic,

    Happy to see all is well with you. I love your version of Sansego. Mariano is also a gifted artist. What I love is your treatment of water and sky. Well done my friend.


  2. Thank you Joan. I don`t know how we managed before our Art blogs came out. I always seem to be on mine, and I love it. It`s great to be able to talk about our efforts to other Artist`s such as you, and get different ideas.
    I have just started a palette knife painting.
    It will be only the second one that I will have done. I only hope it turns out okay. Thanks again my friend, and all the best.