Thursday, 15 July 2010

Club Members At, Strand on the Green

Club members Either Sketching, Painting, or having Lunch at our plein Air outing at Strand on the Green.


  1. Nice photos of you all! What a beautiful area to paint. I see how one would paint with a pochade...very intersting. Is this a river or is it an ocean inlet? I can't tell.

  2. Hi Linda.
    Thank you and it is a nice area to paint. It is a River, and it is a part of the River Thames seen from Kew Bridge London. This Pochade box of mine that you see Linda, you do have it on your lap, and the whole idea is to travel light. Mind you, I can`t paint my best pictures that way. More often than not, I usually have to touch them up in my Studio. but I haven`t touched these at home at all. All the best Linda.